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We debunk myths and expose secrets of the Russian hybrid war
Russia launched its hybrid aggression against Ukraine in February 2014. At first, under the pretense of "a local uprising", Russia captured and illegally annexed Crimea - a move unthinkable in the 21st century. In the meantime, the Kremlin was sending troops and weapons to Donbas, where it started the deadly war that has already claimed over 10,000 lives and driven 1.58 million Ukrainians out of their homes. Despite its direct involvement in the conflict, Russia keeps denying it. Instead, Moscow professes to be a peacemaker and seeks to undermine Ukraine through Kremlin's puppet leaders in Donbas.

Moscow's blatant behavior and deception sparked the wave of condemnation. Many people, including eyewitnesses, turned to debunking Russia's lies and revealing the evidence of the Russian aggression to the world. Some of them ultimately joined InformNapalm volunteer community.
InformNapalm volunteer initiative emerged as a response to the Russian aggression in Ukraine in March 2014.

It was started by journalist Roman Burko (Ukraine) and military expert Irakli Komaxidze (Georgia).

Now it unites the efforts of more than 30 volunteers from over 10 countries.
Our investigations are available for our readers in more than 20 languages.
Our volunteers are ordinary people from different walks of life who do:
  • research
  • analysis
  • verification of information
  • reporting
  • graphic design
  • translation into different languages.

We publish only verified information. All our investigations are published under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0) and are free to copy and distribute by third parties.
Our core purpose
is to inform the world about the real role of the Russian government in ongoing hybrid conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia, other countries of Eastern and Central Europe, and in the Middle East.
Our objectives
  • Identification of Russian military servicemen taking part in hybrid wars stirred up by Russia in other countries, including their military ranks and the units they belong to

  • Exposing the facts of Russia's illegal weapon and military equipment exports

  • Collecting evidence that confirms the participation of Russian government officials and public figures in planning subversive operations and waging wars in other countries

  • Analysis and forecast of political-military situation in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East

  • Debunking the falsehoods of Russian propaganda.

How we obtain our data

We mostly rely on open sources and widely employ different OSINT methods of information gathering. We also receive some information from insiders (HUMINT) and hacktivists*.

* InformNapalm does not participate in or encourage computer hacking activities. Any information obtained from hacktivists undergoes a thorough verification based on alternative sources.

Our main achievements

  • over 1,800 journalist investigations translated into different languages

75 Russian military units that fight in Donbas
Video Overview of the Russian Weaponry in Donbas
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We are open to cooperation with all people or organizations that share our values and are willing to spread the truth.